In the Netherlands Cas and Adriana Lechner started their work with the FIC Brothers in Malawi in 1998. Before that their relatives were already involved in Malawi. Since 2008 we are a fundraising organisation. We have five fully committed volunteers in the board.

Around us are the donors supporting the goal of the foundation.

Comittee members Lechner-Malawi Netherlands

Ms. A. Lechner-Heijer

Ms. E. Togni

Ms. I. Steman

Ms. T. C. Vermeer

Mr. O.J.M. Olmer


In Malawi our organisation is represented by the FIC Brothers. They are involved in primary and secondary education. E.g. a technical college and three schools for deaf children in Mary View, Mountain View and Mua. The brothers assist students with scholarships. They also share their life experience with people in need. Amongst them people suffering from AIDS or living on the streets. ​


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